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We understand that we live in a different world to the one we once knew and we all must adapt

to new behaviour with rules to protect ourselves and each other. We therefore ask you to read

this charter to ensure you fully recognise what changes we have made to our business;

also, your responsibilities to protect yourselves and our remote community in turn.  

Thank you for your understanding.

As Hosts

  • We are closely following Government Guidelines for all COVID-19 related Health & Safety.  We have taken a risk assessment and have in place an appropriate enhanced cleaning & disinfection routine for all areas in the B&B.

  • We will use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as per the official guidance.  Your greeting will most likely be un-masked, at a safe distance and outside.  Inside, the service of meals for example, will be with masks or visors.

  • We will communicate and pre-arrange a check-in and arrival with you between 4pm-6pm.  Checking in will be socially distant, but we will stay on hand to answer questions.

  • We are limiting the guest capacity where possible (with pre-pandemic reservations in mind) and are a small team of two operating all services.  Social distancing will be appropriately observed and alternative communication, including contact-less breakfast ordering will be available (messenger / whatsapp / email).

  • We are committed to notifying guests if there is a COVID-19 outbreak within the property; either at the time, or within 14 days of your stay.

  • We will make contact with each pre-booked guest to check that they have not been advised to isolate or have not been in contact with others displaying COVID-19 symptoms, or indeed are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms themselves.

  • We are only accepting new reservations that have been made directly (not via to ensure clear communication with all guests.  All guests previously booked via this platform have been in direct contact and will be sent this Charter.

As Guests

  • 24 hrs before you arrive.  Please self-declare that you and your fellow travellers are free from COVID-19 symptoms, and that you have not been asked to self-isolate.  If any of this applies your stay should be cancelled.  We advise that all travel be made as directly with minimal safe stops following Scottish Government guidelines.  If you should become ill while on the property, medical advise should be sought and you will be advised to return home immediately where possible.  Where it is not possible to return home, you will be responsible for any cost incurred (extra nights stays/meals etc).

  • Please pay respect to the changes we have made in order to protect us, our guests and our small community.  When out in the community, please be aware of limitations of number of people permitted in some shops/cafes.  Mask wearing is mandatory on public transport and in all shops.  Please avoid gathering in large groups at beauty hotspots (ie Kilt Rock viewing/Lealt falls view deck etc).

  • We ask that you wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitisers in the areas provided around the property and avoiding touching unnecessary items/areas (ie when coming into the main house for breakfast).  Please also observe cough etiquette, social distancing and mask wearing in pinch areas (ie hallway of main house).

  • Please pay via the email bill we will send you the night before departure.

  • If you are a group/family of 4 persons, please do not congregate in the bothy or in upstairs bedroom.  The main house dining room/snug is available to you at all times.

  • Please respect that the hosts areas of the property are not available for guests to enter.

  • If you are eating out or care to dine here, please make advanced reservations & discuss meal options.  Please respect that food preparation is not allowed in your accommodation, but ask us if the main house dining can be available to bring is pre-prepared food/takeaways etc.

  • Please use the communication means to ask us advice, make reservations on your behalf and let us know if we can do anything to assist.

"After these uncertain months, we are very excited to re-open our home to guests when it is safe and with minimal disruption. We are committed to the safety of our guests and our community.

Skye has had a good rest and is getting ready to welcome you again to explore and relax.

We look forward to meeting you all". Vivienne & Steve (your hosts)

Updated: 3rd July 2020 

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