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Food is everything right?

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Well to us it is, pretty much! When we try to make any kind of reasoning as to why we are so food centred we look back at childhoods and we happily blame our Granny, Nanna, Parents, Aunts, Uncles and when we think of them it brings a smile and often a memory of the worlds best Steamed Syrup Pudding, the best Scottish Pancakes on this earth or the Uncle who saved Sausages just for you!

Growing up, we were both lucky to have parents whos' work lead to travel, with much of our childhoods spent living in different places; trying new foods was normal for us both as kids, how lucky we were to have our eyes (and mouths) open to the world so early in life. Living in a different country or being bundled into the car for European adventures meant exotic food memories for both of us.

So a day doesn't go by without cherishing our favourite hobby, we are just designed to live our lives this way and its wonderful to live a life of FOOD! We are very mindful of waste, expense and its not a gourmands life at all with fine restaurants and caviar! It can be as simple warming a can of beans for a post dog walk lunch, its still a highlight to that day and worth talking about in great appreciation!

So, I think its clear, we love food! Our guests come here for good home-cooked food; that is, a good choice of lovingly cooked breakfasts, picnics to go, or bake upon bake inspired by many MANY great food inventors/designers/geniuses who we will name, link and share all in the right way going forward with this blog. There are some dishes we serve that I can call my own inventions, so I can share those happily with my name beside them, I think I may even start with Granola, a firm staple here since we opened in 2015.

Keep watching folks! Food stories here we come!

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1 Comment

Konnie Robertson
Konnie Robertson
Oct 12, 2022

I was honored and so happy when you shared one of your breakfast recipes with me that I so enjoyed while staying with you and Steve and I look forward to many more incredible recipes to try and enjoy from your kitchen, even though I am thousands of miles away. Best of luck with this new endeavor!!

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